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I highly recommend GoAT to anyone wanting to take their tango experience to a more emotionally satisfying and technically sound level. I have taken sufficient ‘traditional’, material-driven tango lessons to be able to appreciate the qualities of this wonderful, challenging dance, but didn’t feel like I was really in sync with its deeper, intrinsic nature. In the approach taken by the Game of Argentine Tango, the dance comes from within each of us – our individual movement, conveyed to and connected with our partner, precedes anything else. The difference from a ‘pattern-based’ curriculum is striking – the simplest figures are transformed into graceful moments, and the sense of ‘oneness’ with one’s partner is ever-present. The video lessons start out by building up sequentially, teaching not moves, but how to move – and provide drills for at- home practice. Increasing complexity is then layered on. The greatest difference to me is that in a pattern-based approach, you go thru the motions; in the GoAT system, the motion goes thru you.

Gary M.

I was really surprised how much more musical my dancing felt after working through the Game of Argentine Tango! As a follower I feel instruction is often geared towards leaders. I was so happy to see that the focus in the GoAT was equal between both roles. I love how the approach focuses on elements that I can play with to create adornos and make my dancing more expressive.

Angela G.

The Game of Argentine tango take a unique approach to teaching that allows you to learn at your own pace, in any location, and with better results. The course is broken into small chunks that makes it easy to fit in a lesson even though you only have a short amount of time. They can be viewed on your phone, tablet, or computer and can be done just about anywhere, like your living room. All the information in the videos is clearly presented and provided in written form. They also provide links to music on Spotify that you can use for practice. And to get you motivated, they have links to really cool professional performances on YouTube that reinforce the concepts being reviewed. But the best part of the course is the unique approach it takes to teaching Argentine tango. When I’ve taken lessons in a studio, it was mostly about learning large patterns. And when I’d go to dance socially, I felt like I was just repeating the same large blocks of steps over and over. The Game of Argentine tango takes the approach of starting with two basic movements of weight changes and pivots that can be more easily put together so that you can focus on the connection with your partner and the music rather than thinking “okay, which of the four 8-count patterns do I want to do next”? A great example of this is the Weight Change Play card where they dance to an entire song with very simple movements. It was a bit of a revelation because before I was always focused on learning these larger patterns that made dancing socially feel mechanical. The Game of Argentine tango takes the approach of everything can be broken down to weight changes, pivots, and simply walking in connection with your partner and the music. You can add embellishments later on, but they aren’t necessary to start enjoying dancing socially.

Joe D.

I love this format with the bite sized pieces, so you can do a little at a time. Even though I know some tango, this helps me up my game. The teachers are very knowledgeable and friendly! The whole thing is very professionally done. I was pleasantly surprised that the teachers switched off leading and following. I was also relieved that they do not say things like, "The man's part is....The ladies do this...." I'm glad Tina teaches the videos too, unlike some dance videos where only the man speaks. Overall, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Citabria O.

As a dance teacher and student, I highly recommend The Game of Argentine Tango. I found it to be a fun and accessible way to learn this dance. The lessons are constructed in a thoughtful manner which helped me stay engaged and excited to learn. Learning to dance is intimidating but the GoAT made it feel easy and I loved the teaching approach of layering elements to help me build my skill of improvisation! I also found the platform to be easy to use and intuitive. It was nice to jump easily to spots in each lesson without having to scroll and search for the section I wanted to review. I'd definitely recommend giving it a try, no matter your skill level!

Bridget W.

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