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New to tango

Tango the fun way!

We learn best when we are having fun. The GoAT is full of games, explorations, and unique approaches to the fundamentals that make you a great dancer.

Easy to follow videos

The GoAT was made by dancers for dancers to make learning easy! 

Plus, we cover material in 5 different learning styles to cater to your preferred method of learning.

To the milonga floor

The GoAT will take you from square one to feeling comfortable stepping onto a milonga dance floor. No experience or partner necessary!

Current student

Musicality & Improvisation a mystery?

To truly shine on the milonga floor, we need to first master our musicality and improvisation skills in our solo work. By exploring the Range of Possibilities for each concept, we discover new musical adaptations & endless possibilities for each element. 

Supplement your classes

For LESS than the cost of a single private lesson per month, you can reinforce and enhance what you're learning in class, even if you can't make it this week. It's the ultimate complement to your current tango routine and a great way to improve your dancing.

Plenty of ways to practice Tango

The road to mastery is paved with 10,000 practice hours. We offer a variety of practice methods that can easily fit into your daily life, using everyday habits & household objects. With the GoAT, you can practice Tango anytime, anywhere, & reach the level of mastery you've been dreaming of.

Experienced Dancer

Move beyond patterns

Patterns don't lend themselves to being responsive to the music, adapting to the dancers around you, or spontaneity. The elements you'll learn in the GoAT will make your pattern base more creative & musical.

A different perspective

We focus equally on the leader & follower roles and encourage our players to work on both. By exploring the opposite role you will quickly begin to recognize what it takes to be truly enjoyable to dance with.

Share the love of Tango

 The GoAT is perfect for introducing someone new to the world of Tango. With our comprehensive guide beginners can easily learn & practice at home. With your guidance & our resources, they'll become a skilled dancer in no time.

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