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 Ready to break out of pattern-based Tango? 

Become a more musical & creative dancer in
30 days

Pattern-based instruction makes dance easier to teach; it doesn't produce better dancers.

The Game of Argentine Tango takes a different approach, guiding players on a fun journey, discovering the art of dance and how to share it with partners in a

clear, comfortable, and creative way.

You'll learn to create fluid movement with your partner and the music, creating a

Tango success story all your own.

How to become a more musical & creative dancer 

Step 1

  • Sign up for the 7 day FREE trial

  • Explore the GoAT with unlimited access

  • Begin to see immediate improvement in musicality using our unique approach.

Step 2

  • Choose between a monthly or annual subscription

  • With our LIFETIME access, you'll have the GoAT anywhere, anytime, for as long as you need.

  • All for LESS than the cost of a private lesson per month.

Step 3

  • Enhance your musicality, creativity, & improvisation, while also refining the patterns you already know.

  • Truly feel connected to the music, your partner, & la ronda.

  • Become the most desirable partner at the Milonga.

"The difference from a ‘pattern-based’ curriculum is striking – the simplest figures are transformed into graceful moments, and the sense of ‘oneness’ with one’s partner is ever-present."

Gary M.

Click on your experience level

to see how the GoAT can help wherever you are in your Tango journey.

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