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 Ready to break out of pattern-based Tango? 

Become a more musical & creative dancer in
30 days

We believe that the Argentine Tango is an art form that deserves to be shared and appreciated by

as many people as possible.


That's why we offer this course for free to anyone who wants to learn and grow as a dancer. Our goal is to contribute to a modern understanding of the Argentine Tango and to promote good practices for teaching, learning, and practicing this beautiful dance.

Pattern-based instruction makes dance easier to teach; it doesn't produce better dancers.

The Game of Argentine Tango takes a different approach, guiding players on a fun journey, discovering the art of dance and how to share it with partners in a

clear, comfortable, and creative way.

You'll learn to create fluid movement with your partner and the music, creating a

Tango success story all your own.

"The difference from a ‘pattern-based’ curriculum is striking – the simplest figures are transformed into graceful moments, and the sense of ‘oneness’ with one’s partner is ever-present."

Gary M.

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to see how the GoAT can help wherever you are in your Tango journey.

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